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Prepare To Teach

The inaugural Prepare To Teach workshop will be held November 23, at the Seattle Hilton Leeward room, 12-2:45pm. Registration is full, but there may be a no-show, so you are welcome to check at the start of the workshop. Lunch will be served.

Learning Objectives for PTT

1) Participants will be able to apply new teaching techniques, including active learning approaches.

2) Participants will recognize the applicability of their disciplinary techniques (of research) to teaching and learning. (Pre-course survey, 30% disagreed)

This is a 2.75 hour ‘teaser’ workshop. If you like what you see here, please consider attending EBIT in July 2020 in Boulder.

Here are the lecture notes for PTT. You may want to use them digitally, or print them out and bring to the workshop. I won’t be able to bring hardcopies, sorry.

01 Intro and Meta Loops

02 Learning Objectives

03 The Story of PER

04 Alignment and Techniques

05 Practice