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EBIT Instructors 2020

Jean Hertzberg, PhD

Associate Professor

I have been a Mechanical Engineering faculty member at the University of Colorado, Boulder, (CU) since 1991, teaching fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, experimental techniques and design to graduate and undergraduate students. My disciplinary research is generally human-scale experimental fluid physics ranging from combustion to cardiac hemodynamics, and always features some type of flow or data visualization.

Since 2006 I have been interested in engineering education research, when I found students responded to my Flow Visualization elective in a big way, and I wanted to know why. The answer to that question led me to become active in faculty development and CU’s excellent disciplinary based education research (DBER) community, where I have learned about the science of teaching and learning. Participation in the NSF-funded CIRTL network has given me the opportunity to develop EBIT (formerly STRIPE) which I’ve been teaching since 2013, with the assistance of wonderful co-instructors: Rique Campa, Clayton Lewis, Andrew Martin, Sarah Hokanson and Kathryn Spilios.

Kathyrn Spilios, PhD

Director of Instructional Labs, Senior Lecturer, Boston University

During the fall 2011 semester, I started the Learning Assistant Program within our Introductory Biology course. This program runs in conjunction with the Departments of Chemistry and Physics. The LA program is an initiative to improve undergraduate STEM education that was developed at the University of Colorado at Boulder with National Science Foundation funding. I employ high-performing undergraduate students to help with teaching Introductory Biology labs after they have successfully completed the course. LAs assist course staff in teaching the lab sections, while being trained how to teach by School of Education Faculty. More information about the LA program can be found here.