Institutional Leader for CIRTL

Professor Jean R. Hertzberg, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, is the CIRTL Institutional Leader at the University of Colorado Boulder. Along with teaching mechanical engineering courses at CU, Professor Hertzberg organizes programs such as TIGER TARGET and STRIPE in order to spread CIRTL core values and advance effective teaching techniques used at the University. Please see her website for more information.

Administrative Leader for CIRTL

Laura L.B. Border, Director of the Graduate Teacher Program, University of Colorado at Boulder, received her doctorate in French Literature from CU Boulder accompanied by 60 credit hours of training in educational psychology, educational leadership, and educational policy in the School of Education. Dr. Border began working as a faculty and TA developer in 1985. She developed and directs the award-winning Graduate Teacher Program and the Colorado Preparing Future Faculty Network at the University of Colorado Boulder. The Graduate Teacher Program won the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students’ Professional Development Award in 1998, was listed as a Best Practice by the Woodrow Wilson Foundation in 2005, and its Lead Network won the TIAA-CREF Theodore M. Hesburgh Award for Exceptional Faculty Development Programs in 2006. Laura served for several terms on the Professional & Organizational Development (POD) Network in Higher Education’s Core Committee (Board of Directors), initiated the TA/Graduate Student Professional Development Committee, and served as President of POD from 2002-2004. She co-edited a volume for Jossey-Bass on Teaching for Diversity in 1992, is the current editor of the Journal of Graduate and Professional Student Development with New Forums Press, has published in To Improve the Academy, and has written a column for the National Teaching and Learning Forum. Dr. Border recently served as a guest editor for the Journal of Excellence in College Teaching (Volume 17, Numbers 1 & 2, 2006) in which her “Two Inventories for Best Practice in Graduate Student Development” were published and widely disseminated. Since 2006, Dr. Border has been a Campus Co-Leader for the National Center for the Integration of Research Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) Network, writing four subcontract grants. Through her work with CIRTL, she developed the local Teaching Institute for Graduate Education Research (TIGER), and has developed teaching and professional development activities for STEM graduate students through TIGER 1 and TIGER 2, TIGER Teaching-as-Research Projects, and TIGER Design and Development (TIGER DAD). As Co-PI with Professor Jean Hertzberg on the current CIRTL grant at CU Boulder, she has developed TIGER Diversity on Campus (TIGER DOC), CIRTL Reads, and works collaboratively with Professor Hertzberg on all aspects of the CIRTL project. Her interests include learning styles, nonbiased teaching, and the preparation of graduate students from all disciplines as current teaching assistants and as future faculty. Feel free to contact Dr. Border at: [email protected]

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