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EBIT in Fall 2016

I will be offering anĀ Evidence Based Introduction to Teaching (EBIT) workshop in Fall 2016 to faculty in the Mechanical Engineering Department at CU Boulder. The total length will be about 12 hours, offered in weekly hour sessions for the first 12 weeks of the semester (Fridays 3 pm in ME conference room B). It will focus on having faculty experience a student-centered learning environment while applying engineering principles of design, build, test and iterate to your specific course curriculum development. These principles are familiar to us from our research practices, and in applying them to our teaching practices we professionalize our teaching. There is a large and growing body of research that supports this approach; hence the ‘evidence based’ emphasis in the workshop title. Faculty will learn about evidence based teaching methods while experiencing and practicing those same methods at the same time.

The this workshop is a modification of the STRIPE workshop. The content and resources will be the same. For a preview, please visit the online Zotero group library, . Anyone can see the citations, but to see the content including lecture notes and readings, you need to create a Zotero login (free!) and request membership in the group (guaranteed). Send me an email if you have any trouble.