The Teaching Institute for Graduate Research Education

Since 2006, the Teaching Institute for Graduate Education Research (TIGER) has worked to enhance the creative synergy that exists between graduate student teaching and research.  TIGER is the primary source on campus for disseminating CIRTL resources. The Graduate Teacher Program’s lead graduate teachers in engineering assist engineering graduate students in their departments with teaching, videotape consultation, and information regarding workshops and certificates on college teaching, teaching-as-research opportunities, and professional development in the Graduate Teacher Program. The Lead Graduate Teachers also forward information about TIGER workshops which focus on teaching in the STEM disciplines and on national CIRTL activities.  TIGER’s goal is to show graduate students who aspire to be future STEM faculty members how to utilize their disciplinary knowledge and research experience to develop innovative teaching practices for undergraduate and graduate education.

2014-2015 Departmental Lead Graduate Teachers in Engineering:

Aerospace Engineering – Stephen O’Keefe

Applied Math – Peter Wills & Alyson Fox

Civil Engineering – Emily Gill

Computer Science – Rowan Wing

Electrical & Computer Engineering – Matthew Phillips

Mechanical Engineering – Madalyn Kern

Learn more about TIGER programs at: http://www.colorado.edu/gtp/teaching-institute-graduate-education-research-tiger.

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